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30 Oct 2019


Vapeozzy rules.

VapeOzzy Lol, we would love to think so Krystal. Good to see you're happy with us.

30 Oct 2019


My friends told me about your coffee flavour and they are correct, it's unreal, love it. I also love your cola and even your tobacco flavours. The coffee with a shot of caramel is like heaven.

VapeOzzy A great review from you Barbara, thanks. Our coffee is fast becoming famous, keep spreading the word.

30 Oct 2019

Jack and Mary

We can honestly say that we have tried the coffee flavour with many different vaping companies but vapeozzys is the best.

VapeOzzy Glad you like it Jack and Mary. The coffee concentrate base we use is from the UK and is regarded as the best coffee vape in the world.

27 Sep 2019


Just great liquids. Thanks.

VapeOzzy Thanks Donald, glad you like.

10 Aug 2019


Dear VapeOzzy,

I just wanted to let you know that your website and services are strongly appreciated.

I’d like you to know that your advice was exactly what I needed and I remain grateful for your offering to deliver our order today ahead of any postage schedule.

I’d also like to comment that your website and your services, including email and SMS features are functioning well and are quite the asset to myself as a customer.

Once again please know that I am grateful for your services and I very much look forward to placing orders with you in future.

All due respect, and with kind regard always,


VapeOzzy Thank you Robert. We do our best to offer a smooth experience for our customers and prospective customers. We believe it is important to keep people completely up to date regarding their order to hopefully instill confidence in VapeOzzy. Our normal delivery time quoted is 4 to 5 business days however, our e-liquids are made to order at our Port Macquarie location which enables us to deliver within 1 to 2 business days for locals.

30 Mar 2019


I started vaping 2 months ago. I first bought a big mod, a very powerful unit with lots of settings, it was an Innokin, I am not against Innokin but I just didn't know enough about vaping and all of the different types of vaping units to handle such a powerful one. I persisted with it and sometimes enjoyed vaping but, sometimes it just didn't taste right and was not enjoyable, I think I had the settings wrong. Anyhow, I contacted vapeozzy and they suggested that I may have jumped into the deep end and their advice was to buy a smaller, less powerful unit with less settings, infact the one I bought had no settings. I have never looked back, it changed my vaping experience completely, I love it and all I have to worry about now is what great flavour I am going to try next, vapeozzy has some great flavours, I love them, the flavours that is, lol. As I said, I have nothing against Innokin because the new smaller unit is also an Innokin, I just took on too much too soon. I will keep my big vaper and get it out again later when I am more experienced. I have never gone back to smoking as I never have the urge to, I vape 8mg of nicotine and that is fine for me. I am going to try nicotine salts next week, I have heard a lot about it and it sounds good, even though I am happy with the freebase nicotine I am using now, we will see if it can get even better. Thanks vapeozzy, I will tell all my friends about you.

VapeOzzy Glad to be of assistance Luke. Yes, you are correct, it is best for new users to start slowly and work up to bigger and more complicated units if that is infact what they want. You now have the Innokin Endura T18, it is a really good unit and you may decide to stay with the smaller stick style units.

14 Feb 2019


I give you guys top marks for your website and service. I did find eliquid a little cheaper elsewhere, 2 times to be exact but, by the time I added their delivery charges and the fact that it was going to take about 2 weeks to get to me, you were the best deal by far. When it comes to vaping, forget ebay, this is ozbay, much better. Cheers.

VapeOzzy Thanks Jim, we're glad you're pleased. We are always trying to get our prices down and will continue to work hard to accomplish this.

14 Feb 2019


Amazing, I feel alive, I feel energetic and I feel good in myself. I'm in control again after many years. I am new to vaping but the vapeozzy people helped me with advice. Thank you so much. I will recommend you to others.

VapeOzzy Glad you're feeling so good Phillip.

12 Feb 2019


What else can I say, great! Five stars from me.

VapeOzzy What else can we say Charmaine, many thanks.

12 Feb 2019


Don't go anywhere else, these guys cover it all and good delivery times for free. I bought 10 x 30 ml bottles at a price better than anywhere. Friendly people willing to help. Thanks to you all at vapeozzy.

VapeOzzy Glad to see you took advantage of our 'Write Your Own Order' section Alice.

10 Feb 2019


If you bulk buy it gets so cheap. Love it. Quick delivery and good service from aussie guys.

VapeOzzy Happy to be of service to you Janet.

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